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Short Story

A Kleptomaniac

Sun was exactly vertical over the head. Saturday afternoon which was very scorching plus commotion in white boarding house, made my head dizzy. Santi, my room neighbor lost her favorite watch. 
"it is my favourite watch which was given by my mom before she died" said Santi, started crying. 
"Where did you put it?" Melinda said. 
"I put it on the table. Then I went to the toilet for a while, when I was back, my watch was not there " said Santi sobbing. 
"I suspect someone,  I've been seeing Rani come out of your room" Nina said.
 "It seems impossible, she is a good girl. Besides, she is a rich person, so for what she stole Santi's watch? "I said disbelief. 
"Yes, certainly it is impossible. She was already I regard as my own sister " Santi denies.

The next day, Santi knocked my door violently. I which was focused watching movies instantly snapped up and opened the door. 
"Hey, what's wrong? Please don't knock my door so rude" I said a little annoyed.
"Hehe sorry, I want to tell you something" she was immediately pulled me sitting on the carpet. 
"I suspect Siska. A few days ago I had a fight with her " said Santi. 
"Are you sure she stole it? Do you have any evidence? "I asked. 
"No, I don't have,  but I'm sure she stole it" Santi said. 
"so, do you want to ask directly to Siska? "I asked. 
"Yes certainly I am going to asked her this afternoon" said Santi.
In the afternoon, Santi accidentally met Siska at the dining room. 
"Siska, return my watch! Because of the trivial problem, you stole my watch? hah?! coward!" said Santi snapped. 
"What are you talking about? I have never stolen anything from you" said Santi. 
"Return it, or I will report you to the landlady. I wait until tonight, if you do not return it, I will report you" Santi  threatened and immediately leaving Siska.

After meeting siska, Santi directly went to Rani's room. She knocked on the door several times, but no answer. She thought that  Rani was sleeping. Because they are close friends, Santi directly opened the door and entered the room. Rani was not in the room. 
"why she did not lock the door? She usually locked the door when going out. " said Santi. She immediately phoned Rani to know where she was. When her finger was dancing on the screen of mobile phone, she accidentally saw something that she really knew. It was under the Rani's pillow. 
"What is it?" She immediately took it. 
Evidently it was her watch which lost. She was very surprised and did not think that her best friend who stole her watch. A friend who was always there in times of joy and sorrow. her tears streamed signifies a disappointment. Her heart was broken. 
"Why? Why did you steal my watch? " asked Santi and started crying. 
She immediately ran to my room. Without permission and without a word, she run into my room and directly hugged me. I who was doing my homework directly snapped up and confused. 
"San, what's up? Why did you cry like this? "I asked confused. 
"Actually Rani who stole my watch, I have no idea why she stole the most prized possession of mine. I do not understand what the reason she stole my watch" Santi said through tears and kept hugging me. 
"Please explain to me what happened exactly? Why do you directly accused Rani who stole your watch? "I asked. 
"I do not accuse, I went to her room and I found my watch under the pillow" said Santi. 
I did not know what to do. At that time, I was just trying to calm her down.

At night, Santi, Melinda, Nina and I went to Rani's room to ask about the watch. We knocked on the door, calling his name, then she opened the door and welcomed us. 
"Hey guys, what's up? "Rani said, smiling at us. 
"We just want to have conversation with you because recently you were very busy" I replied. 
Santi started to ask about her watch. 
"Ran, this afternoon I got to your room and I found my watch under your pillow. Why did you steal my watch? " Santi asked, and started crying. 
Rani's face was pale, he looked surprised at the question that Santi asked. 
"What Watch?" He asked briefly. "My favorite watch. 
You would better admit it, I already knew " Santi said. 
Rani was silent and then she cried. 
"I'm sorry Santi, I did not intend to steal it, I just borrow" Rani said sobbing. 
"I do not want to hear your explanation again, all is clear" Santi said. 
As they were talking, Melinda, Nina and I just stood watching them, we did not know what to do. Suddenly my eyes catched a key chain dangling out of a box. Then I opened the box, it turns out the box contained of our goods. Rani looked very pale when I opened the box. I found my key chain which lost a  month ago. Not just me, Melinda and Nina also surprised when they saw their ring and  hairpin also in the box. The situation is getting cold, disappointment clearly visible on our faces. Rani was silent and looked down. Finally, I talked. 
"What are your reasons for doing this?" I asked. 
"I have no intention to  stole, I just borrow" Rani said. 
"It called borrow if you got the permission of the owner." Santi said annoyed. 
"You are a rich person, you have a lot of money. Why did you steal them? You could  bought them by your money" Melinda said with a high tone. 
"I do not know what happened to me. I always want to steal the property of others rather than buy them. I would feel more satisfied when I get the goods by stealing. I could not resist the desire to steal " Rani said. "So, are you a klepto?" Nina asked quickly. 
"Yes. forgive me guys, I could not resist the desire to steal" Rani said, weeping. 
"Do your parents know about this?" I asked. 
"No, I hide it from my parents, I don't want to make them sad " Rani said. 
"But you must tell this to your parents, because this is not a trivial thing" I said. 
Rani was silent for a moment, then sighed. 
"Well, I think it's time to tell my parents about this. I am afraid this problem will getting worse. Guys, thanks for the advice, I feel relieved now, " said Rani, and started smiling

The next day, Santi met Siska to explain the misunderstanding between them, and she also apologized due to she has accused Siska of stealing her watch. "Forgive me Siska, I has accused you stole my watch" said Santi. "I already forgive you" Siska said, smiling and hugging Santi.

After telling her parents, Rani was currently running a therapy program to treat kleptomania.

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