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Movie Review

The Scorch Trials

Director                       : Wes Ball
Producer                      : Ellen Goldsmith- Vein
                                      Wyck Godfrey
                                      Marty Bowen
                                      Lee Stollman
                                      Joe Hartwick Jr
Production Company    : Gotham Group
Distributor                    : 20th Century Fox
Released                      : September 2015
Genre                          : Young adult, dystopian future, science fiction
Running Time               : 131 minutes
Language                     : English

The Scorch Trials is a series movie sequel The Maze Runner which is adapted from James Dashner’s book.  Wes Ball as a director who succeed made The Maze Runner famous in 2014, recreate The Scorch Trials which was released in September 2015. This movie starring by Dylan O’Brien (Thomas), Kaya Scodelario (Teresa), Ki Hong Lee (Minho), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt), Rosa Salazar (Brenda), Giancarlo Esposito (jorge), Aidan Gillen (Janson), Jacob Lofland (Aris), Patricia Clarkson (Ava Paige), Lili Taylor (Mary).
The Scorch Trials continued the story of a group of youths (gladers) who had escaped from the maze filled with traps. Thomas and his friends are taken by an organization that claims will protect them from WCKD, but in fact Janson, the chairman of the organization is an accomplice of WCKD. After knowing it, they try to escape from that place and they have to pass the cruel of world. The gladers want to meet the Right Arm, people who against WCKD, but before it, they must pass the vast desert.

Then they arrive in an area ruined  which is infected by zombie virus. On their way looking for the Right Arm, they meet with Jorge and Brenda. Then, they are together looking for the Right Arm. Many challenges that they have to pass, but in the end they meet with the Right Arm. their struggle is not only up there, suddenly WCKD come to catch them back. WCKD succeed to hostage Minho.

I think this movie teaches us the value of solidarity. It reflected when Thomas was willing to not run away from WCKD because his friends was caught by WCKD, even though at that time he had a chance to save himself. The lack of this movie is the less light when the scene was at night. It makes the scenes and faces of the actors are not clearly visible. However, this movie looks more natural to set it as natural as possible as in actual reality. many tense scenes occurred in this movie, one of which is when they are being chased by the zombies in the old buildings. The zombies look very scary. the makeup is perfect, the zombies look genuine. in addition, the makeup of the actors also look natural with a dirty face as adventurers in general. Their choice to set the location is also very suitable. Old damaged building as the city that had been abandoned was a perfect choice.

The Scorch Trials is a recommended movie for you who has high adrenaline. there were so many suspenseful scene which happened in this movie. This movie is also difficult to predict, so every scenes is not boring. Overall I think this is an incredible movie!

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