Senin, 04 April 2016


Longing in the Beautiful Rain

The sun was covered by clouds
The light went away
The wind gust caressed with spoiled
The leaves waved beautifully

Cool air attacked my body
The droplets of rain danced gracefully
Landed on the surface of the old roof tile
Created the perfect string

Yeah I know it was rain
I know every details of it

I know the sound
The gentle sound of each droplets fascinated me
I know the smell
The distinctive aroma which is able to hypnotize me

Each droplets gives a life
Every touch delivers a happiness
Each droplets builds a hope
The sound brings a relaxtion

As the rain fall, I convey my feeling
I let my longing drift by the rain
expect the rain will tell you
how much I miss you 

this poetry tells about how much I adore the rain. I love every details of it as it could make me happy and relax. Also, it could bring me to my past, and it reminds me of the memories that we created. When rain was coming, I convey all of my feelings. I let my longing was delivered by the rain. I hope someone there could  feel my longing.

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