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The Other Side of Mr. Subandi

Faculty of Humanities at Jenderal Soedirman University has several majors, one of the major is indonesian education. In this occasion I have opportunity to do interview with head of department Indonesian education, he is Mr. Drs. Subandi, M.Pd.

 As a head of department he has a lot of duties that he has to do and responsible it, such as:
  1. To coordinate learning activity (how to preparing for lectures, doing evaluation, uploading the marks), providing services to students in order not encounter obstacles in learning activity.
  2. To conducting academic guidance.
  3. To coordinate the implementation of the research for lecturers (they have to report it to the head of department).
  4. To coordinate the implementation of community service

As a head of department, Mr. Subandi also has some difficulties. The common problems that he often experienced are there must be lecturers who didn’t attend meeting (program which already prepared can’t be realize because they didn’t know the information about it), the implementation of the activity is not match even it is not as he hopes), he believes that every problem can be solved. To solve that problem, he communicates with them as well as possible even it is not easy as we thought. But Mr. subandi always has so many ways to build a good communication with them. Mr. subandi said that he always enjoy his duties no matter how many problems that he has, he always think that every problem can be solved. Become a head of department, he has some dreams for the major indonesian education, so that it can develop faster, such as:
  1. All the lecturers can arrange the SAP as good as possible
  2. All facilities and infrastructures can be provided (to support learning process).
  3.  In doing the field practice can cooperate with department of national education,but the obstacle is education’s major have not have their own faculty yet, so the cost for field practice is still depends on the faculty that they are shelter. Therefore, it is better if each education’s major that spread in Jenderal Soedirman University can have their own faculty (Faculty of Education).

This man who was born in Banyumas, 10 April 1959 graduated from State University of Yogyakarta and he took indonesian education for his bachelor, and he took master of indonesian education for his postgraduate at Indonesian Education University.

When he was kid he never thought that he would be a lecturer. His hobby is reading books or articles that related with Indonesian Education, and he also likes to  help each other.  He has two children, both of them are males. The first child already married and the second child still study and took mechanical enginering. He never force his children to choose the major as what he wants. He educates his children by acting. He do something good to be emulated by his children. For example when he wants his chiildren pray, he pray well to be emulated them. He thought that the duty of educating children by talking and advising is the duty of his wife.

He does not limit his children to be like him in the future as a lecturer. He gave his children freedom to determine their future. He just wants his children to be useful for others.

He thought that educating children and students are equally difficult. It depends on the perspective and interests of factors.  As the head of the family, he has duty to educate children so that the children become useful and responsible man.  As a lecturer he educates students to be good students and diligent students. He     hopes his children to be useful to himself, his family and other people.

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